Getting fit and staying fit on dialysis – bit by bit

1-fitbitIt is pretty well accepted all over the planet that being fit helps you to enjoy life more and is a major driving force for a longer life.  Not just BigD-ers; everyone.  And the two biggest challenges to our fitness are getting fit and staying fit.  We all face the same problems getting fit.  But staying fit can be a little trickier for people on dialysis.

This is because those of us who have made the effort to get fit between dialysis runs can get our legs cut out from under us by a spectrum of medical dramas that pounce on us from nowhere.  Dramas that people with full kidney function would either barely notice, or not need. (more…)

A little older in the shoulder

For the last few weeks I’ve had a sore right shoulder.  I think it started at the gym.

I have been going to a gym of some kind for years.  I did a little boxing in my youth (light welterweight) and played rugby for a while (no 8) in the navy and have always liked to keep fit.

But then my kidneys morphed into Mr Potatoheads, and the gym became a bridge too far. (more…)

Keeping your brain sharp on Dialysis – Part 2

2. Get Regular Physical Exercise

I have always done some kind of exercise, and for the last ten years, I have exercised regularly at least three times per week. I began this routine after a longish stay in hospital, when I felt especially dull, unmotivated and weary.  So I decided to get up half an hour early of a morning and walk or run.  It was difficult to begin with, especially in cool weather.  But I found that the secret not only of rapid recovery, but to feeling good: bright, alert and optimistic, is simple, physical exercise. (more…)