Starting dialysis​ – what to expect

I’m starting dialysis.  What can I expect?

Dialysis: what to expect - I often get asked for advice from people who are about to start the BigD.  I mostly say that dialysis is no big deal.  It’s a very effective treatment that involves a change in lifestyle.  But saying this is not really enough, mainly because most people have their own expectations about dialysis that are often...Continue reading

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Starting Dialysis – answers to questions you were afraid to ask - Last week I received this moving email from Emily, describing how she and Edward (not their real names) felt when Edward eventually began dialysis.  I am sure it will strike a chord with BigD-ers and their partners/carers everywhere.  She also had lots of questions, like we all did when we started but were too embarrassed...Continue reading
Starting Dialysis - Over the Christmas holiday time both Peter and Armand left comments about their nervousness starting the BigD, Peter for his soon-to-be wife and Armand for himself. They are not alone. Everyone gets nervous about starting something as dramatic and alien as the BigD: the needles, being a patient, the machine, watching your blood go round...Continue reading
The Big(D) questions: How to keep going; PD, HD or a transplant? - Last week was a big week for questions, and rather than answering them in the Comments area, it seems like a good idea to discuss some in a post. First, Dan wrote: Hi Greg, I’m 30 years old and I have PKD, I’ve had a transplant which unfortunately failed in January 2012. I spent a...Continue reading
Starting Dialysis: More things You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask - In my last post I wrote about preparing some training materials for BigD-ers everywhere to learn a bit more about dialysis and how to get the most from it. I started writing the first module this week, and realised that I’d missed an important topic: answers to those questions that flood in when you first...Continue reading
Next Dialysis Briefing Sheet - The next dialysis briefing sheet, Briefing 3 will be titled: Dialysis: from shock to acceptance.  The sheet will cover two aspects: Physical: how you may feel before the session; during the session; after the session; when you get home, effect on sleep Mental: dealing with the new reality; the grief cycle. Before starting, I would...Continue reading
Dialysis Briefing 3. From Shock to Acceptance - Here is the third Briefing module.  As usual, it is not quite as I expected.  It was to cover two aspects: Physical, how you may feel before the session; during the session; after the session; when you get home, effect on sleep; and Emotional (Mental): dealing with the new reality; the grief cycle. I received...Continue reading
What’s it like to be on dialysis? - What is it like to be on dialysis? In my last post I asked for your help in preparing a video for people who have just been told they need dialysis.  It’s a scary time and the first thing most people look for is information they can trust. Who better to provide that information that...Continue reading
91 years old and not pleased to be on BigD – Welcome to the club! - Jack added a comment a few weeks ago that is worth re-posting as a separate topic.  It’s a little twist on our most fundamental challenge. I am a young 91 yr old man who has had systolic kidneys for over 30+ years. 4.5 +- creatinine level. last April (2015) my kidneys finally gave out and...Continue reading
The first time - We all remember our first dialysis session. I certainly do. At the Central Dialysis Unit, just down the stairs from Ward 4, the kidney ward. It was a super emotional time. Julie walked with me into the unit, my heart thumping, my mind racing, looking everywhere, taking in everything. I kept my face blank, hiding...Continue reading