Death via a ruptured fistula

The original shocking story

Dialysis: death via a damaged fistula - Yesterday, I received this comment on my post on fistula blow-outs from Maya in New Zealand, which quite shocked me: hi my names maya from new zealand. my dad passed away 1 years ago aged 44. he had been on dialysis for about two years. he had been complaining about his sore and swollen fistula...Continue reading

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More on fistulas and fatal haemorrhages - This post is about fistulas, the dialyser’s lifeline.  It’s about how and why they can haemorrhage, signs and symptoms that indicate a potential problem and action to take to prevent it. We BigD-ers need a fistula to make it easy to insert dialysis needles.  The needles are reasonably large, and cannot be inserted into normal...Continue reading
Fistulas and fatal haemorrhages: what to do - In February 2010, I wrote Dialysis: death via a damaged fistula, which was about Maya’s father, who died when his sore and swollen fistula burst in bed and he bled to death.  At the time I asked some of the experts I knew about this and all said it happens, but was very rare. However,...Continue reading
Preventing Fistula Ruptures: training course for patients - I have just returned from the Renal Society of Australia’s annual conference, held on June 20 t0 22 this year at the Gold Coast, Queensland.  The conference is for renal professionals, nurses, clinicians, doctors and consultants. I went along because I was a co-author on one of the presentations. The other author and presenter was...Continue reading
Quick read: How to slow/stop your fistula bleeding - The key to slowing or stopping your fistula from bleeding (whether it’s after a needle has been removed or (God forbid) a rupture) is to understand why it spurts in the first place. Our fistulas are created by connecting a high-pressure artery, full of oxygenated blood coming at a great rate from our heart, to...Continue reading
Training really can stop people from dying from fistula bleeds - You may recall that in April last year, Julie Tondello (from Diaverum in Greensborough) and I developed a Fistula Safety training course and poster for dialysis patients. The main aim of this 10-minute course was to keep people safe from fistula ruptures and bleeds, both by knowing what to look out for to prevent it...Continue reading
Fistula Rupture Health Education Package Now Available - This week the Fistula Health Education for Patients package, developed by Julie Tondello at Diaverum and me is now available for anyone on dialysis. The Package has been prepared for use on a one-on-one basis by dialysis unit nursing staff, educating patients. Dialysis Unit staff Print out the two-page education sheet and keep it handy...Continue reading
The patient and carer trained, what about the doctor? - Here we are, just a couple of weeks after posting the Fistula Health training program, and Daquon writes this: Hi Greg. My mom is 42 she been on dialysis for 5 years. Recently her fistula had been getting big and the Dr. at dialysis told her she should be careful because it was thin and she...Continue reading
Then there this: more shameful than inspirational - Again, I’m a little late to the party, (this aired in May)  but have you seen this story? It is a truly shocking report. it confirms our worst fears: US dialysis is in crisis. The most expensive dialysis service in the world has the highest dialysis mortality rates. Two for-profit giant companies (DaVita and Fresenius)...Continue reading