What’s it like to be on dialysis?

What is it like to be on dialysis?

In my last post I asked for your help in preparing a video for people who have just been told they need dialysis.  It’s a scary time and the first thing most people look for is information they can trust. Who better to provide that information that the BigD community?

I was asked for the video by MaryAnn & Rajiv in Bangalore, India.  They are putting together a range of videos covering dialysis and transplantation.  The video I have prepared has a short introduction then a series of 1 – 2-minute interviews where we asked a broad cross-section of people on dialysis four questions: (more…)

Your 15 minutes of fame: What YOU think about dialysis

I had an exciting email from MaryAnn & Rajiv in Bangalore, India earlier this month:

My name is MaryAnn George. I’m a kidney patient who recently underwent a transplant. My husband Rajiv Mathew & I are making an educational documentary video for End stage renal patients.

Title : Combat Kidney Disease

Language: English

Target audience: Patient / family / caregiver of ESRD patients

Purpose : Guide patients on how to deal with the disease & treatment options (more…)