Kidney transplants in China – the real story

Two days ago (7 Apr 2015), SBS Dateline broadcast Human Harvest: China’s Organ Trafficking.

Just 24 minutes long, it is a truly shocking story about the source of kidney and other organ transplants, with evidence from the doctors who performed some of the operations.  Organs, including corneas and kidneys brutally removed without anaesthetic from tortured political prisoners, who are then killed and disposed of.

Not just a few transplants either.  (more…)

How much is a new kidney worth on the Red Market?

Not feeling all that energetic this week (same as the last couple).  For some reason my haemoglobin is still hanging loose at a miserable 8.2.  That is transfusion level, but because I’m on the transplant list, transfusions are off the agenda.  Someone else’s blood may introduce more antibodies than I can handle, and move me from a 2% likelihood of a transplant to a big fat zero.

So I am biding my time, taking my weekly EPO dose and hoping for a surprise energy burst anytime now…   In the meantime, my gym is sending me “Where are you?” messages and I’m breaking ito a sweat jogging from the kitchen to the bathroom.  Though with the daily HB blood tests removing a little of what blood I have, I may be running in a circle. (more…)

I’m a HemoDialysis Ghost

Now for something completely different, from, dated 29 June 2019.

I’m a Hemo Dialysis Ghost and I’m OK

A couple of weeks ago the bosses at the asked us to write a review of our job for their recruitment website (for money!).  Here’s my review.

I’m getting ready for my fifth session as a HD Ghost.  So far it’s been an OK  job.  Not exactly hard work, though it does take a day or two until you feel well again after each session.  But the pay is pretty good, and since it’s the first real job I’ve ever had, and I’m 28, and my dad has never had a job, I’ll stick at it for a while yet. (more…)

Get Off Dialysis: Buy Your Third-World Kidney Here

Here we are, only a couple of weeks after my “Get off Dialysis: buy a kidney” post, and this comment arrived:

hey everyone… my name is jay d. macacua of Philippines…..! i am 23 yrs old and i would like to sell my kidney….! i am serious my blood type is A and I am willing to sell my one healthy kidney just drop a call on me here is my phone number *********** thanks and I am looking more forward to help.. just call me

All new posts must be approved before they go onto the blog, and when I saw this one I didn’t really know how to respond. It is illegal to pay for body parts in Australia and most of the world (except Iran). (more…)

Get off Dialysis: buy a kidney

In their book SuperFreakonomics, Stephen J Dubner and Steven D Levitt discuss the terrible state of kidney donations worldwide – or almost worldwide. Wherever the culture is one of altruistic donations, people are dying waiting for transplants. But in one country, Iran, things are a little different. They have a system of paid and regulated living-unrelated kidney donation.

In 1988, Iran adopted a compensated and regulated living-unrelated donor renal transplant program. As a result, the number of renal transplants performed substantially increased such that in 1999, the renal transplant waiting list was completely eliminated. (more…)