Dialysis: HDF Feedback and a War(farin) story

There is news on the HDF front.  As I described in my last post, I started HDF instead of plain old bog-standard haemodialysis about two weeks ago.  For a while I felt fine, but after a week or so, I started to feel tired, nauseous and generally unwell, almost like I wasn’t getting enough dialysis.  I even had a sleep in the middle of the day, which I almost never do.  I mentioned this to Chris, my unit manager.  Initially, she thought I had caught a bug.  We BigD club members are often on the edge of good health, and it takes very little for us to slip over. (more…)

Dialysis, travel and getting a job

Krishna emailed me last week with a work/life/travel query that I thought may be of interest to other BigD members.

My name is Krishna, I’m 24 years old and have been on dialysis after a failed transplant from my mother for the past 2 years.  I live, study and dialyse in Chennai, India. I accidentally chanced upon your blog “BigD and me” and it is such an interesting outlook on dialysis! I am studying to become a lawyer, and found your blog when I was looking for dialysis options in Hong Kong, where I hope to be travelling to in April 2011 for a law school moot court competition. I can easily relate to all that you say on your blog and frankly, it inspires me to be a better and a positive person in general. (more…)

Things to do while you’re on Dialysis or otherwise indisposed

Who do you know who wouldn’t like to have 12 – 15 hours per week quiet time, sitting relaxed, doing what they like, guaranteed? Nobody I know.  This is of course another members-only benefit of BigD club membership.

Yes, there can be a down side: you have to sit quietly, sometimes with an occasional pain in the arm, sometimes you don’t feel up to much. But most of the time, especially if you are keeping your brain sharp, you will be in a reasonable state of health and mental alertness, capable of most anything anyone else can do sitting down. (more…)