Holiday Dialysis – across the world

Julie and I flew from Melbourne on 6 May at midnight and after a three-hour break in Hong Kong we landed in London on 7 May at 4pm.  Allowing for the time zone jumps, that’s about 24 hours in the air.

A few weeks earlier I spent three weeks in hospital with some bug and my haemoglobin had dropped to 7.  It was around 9 when I got onto the plane.  We debated whether I (we) should go at all, but my health was improving and frankly it is always easy to find an excuse not to travel.  If you give in, you will never go anywhere, so we decided to push on. (more…)

Dialysis Holiday – quick catch up

This is my first opportunity to make a post since we arrived.  A very long flight (26+ hours) from Australia to the UK, dialysis almost every day either at Diaverum Forest Hill, the Oxford Kidney Centre or the Dialysis Unit at Sodersjukhuset in Stockholm city.  All of these working towards one end: having a great time off the machine.  And we certainly have!

Only two days to go and then the reverse journey home: all good things must come to an end I suppose.

All the BigD (and other) details in my next post once I’m back home.