Can a blocked fistula cause chest pain?

I had some interesting comments and email this week, well worth sharing.  The first is from Balasaravanan:

Can a blocked fistula cause chest pain?

my mom is having the av fistula in the hand for 8 months since we have not used before 8 months due to some reasons that the creatinine was not so high it was 3 so we didn’t use that now the thing is that now we are going for a dialysis in the neck we asked to put in the hand the doctors said that the fistula is not working so leave it no problem will come some doctors  that heart attack will come due to the fistula just leaving in the hand now my mom is having a pain in the chest when my mom gets to sleep and wakes up…….she gets the pain…….! so tell me is that true? reply to me……….. (more…)