Dialysis, travel and getting a job

Krishna emailed me last week with a work/life/travel query that I thought may be of interest to other BigD members.

My name is Krishna, I’m 24 years old and have been on dialysis after a failed transplant from my mother for the past 2 years.  I live, study and dialyse in Chennai, India. I accidentally chanced upon your blog “BigD and me” and it is such an interesting outlook on dialysis! I am studying to become a lawyer, and found your blog when I was looking for dialysis options in Hong Kong, where I hope to be travelling to in April 2011 for a law school moot court competition. I can easily relate to all that you say on your blog and frankly, it inspires me to be a better and a positive person in general. (more…)

Holiday Dialysis in China – maybe next time!

My wife, Julie and I have wanted to go to China for years.  There were two impediments: money and dialysis.

Eighteen months of saving took care of the first, but dialysis was much more complex.

Early in 2009 I met Rebecca, a PhD student in Melbourne (via the Chinese Meetup club).  For about nine months we spent each Saturday afternoon teaching: me teaching Rebecca English, Rebecca teaching me Mandarin.  This worked quite well, though I think I got the best end of the deal.  Rebecca speaks and writes pretty good English, my Mandarin is a bit Ma Ma Hu Hu (so so). (more…)