Dialysis, Carpal Tunnel and Jogging

Well, it’s been two weeks since the carpal tunnel surgery, and I now have both hands mostly functional.

I have become quite adept at waterproofing my hand and wrist with a plastic bag and a rubber band (I tend to go for the bags you get off the roll when buying fruit and vegetables – they are a good size, tend to stay waterproof and when put on inside out, are quite clean).  Accompanying this skill has been one-handed showering (and other toilet activities). (more…)

Guest Post: Our Holiday Dialysis cruise to Vanuatu

Pacific DawnThis guest post is from a good friend and BigD club member, Max Smith.  Max and his wife Carol went on a holiday dialysis cruise last October.  Read on…

It was in Sydney on Sunday 12 October 2008, we boarded the P&O ship Pacific Dawn to begin the trip of a lifetime, an eleven night south pacific cruise to Vanuatu and a number of small South Pacific islands. (more…)