Dialysis in China – at Last


very good!

Very good!

About 3 months ago, Julie and I were invited to a wedding in Guilin in China.  Regular readers of this blog will know that I have already had two unsuccessful attempts to get to China.  In each case, I wrote about the preparation and my dialysis plans in detail.  In each case, some medical problem arose and I bailed out, in one case literally on the border.


So this time, I decided to stay quiet about the trip until it actually happened.  This has proved to be a winning strategy. (more…)

Dialysis in China (almost) and all points north – the details

Dialysis please?

Well, after months of planning and fitness doubts, we leave tomorrow on our UK and Swedish adventure.


About the China Leg

Originally we were to spend 6 days in Beijing before going to London, but after three weeks in some kind of unhealthy haze, I decided it was too risky this time.  I have a reasonable understanding of Mandarin,including important phrases like: (more…)

Arranging International Travel Dialysis

1-Guilin1I’ve decided to try another trip to China, as part of a business trip.  My last effort ended badly, when I tripped on slippery tiles on a Hong Kong footpath and fell on my fistula.  It scared the hell out of Julie and me, thinking I had a life-threatening injury in a foreign country, at risk of bleeding to death where I fell.  Luckily we were already on the way to a hospital around the corner for dialysis, and more luckily, they found I had bruised but not ruptured the fistula.  All was well, but the doctor suggested we delay our trip to Beijing.  We cut the trip short and came home.

Well, here it is, almost 2 years later and Julie and I are ready to line up again.  This time, we plan to go to both China and Europe for a few weeks in April/May.  We will start with a direct flight from Melbourne to Beijing, stay about 5 days, and then fly to London to do some work and catch up with our No. 2 son. (more…)

Holiday Dialysis in China – maybe next time!

My wife, Julie and I have wanted to go to China for years.  There were two impediments: money and dialysis.

Eighteen months of saving took care of the first, but dialysis was much more complex.

Early in 2009 I met Rebecca, a PhD student in Melbourne (via the Chinese Meetup club).  For about nine months we spent each Saturday afternoon teaching: me teaching Rebecca English, Rebecca teaching me Mandarin.  This worked quite well, though I think I got the best end of the deal.  Rebecca speaks and writes pretty good English, my Mandarin is a bit Ma Ma Hu Hu (so so). (more…)

Holiday Dialysis in Mainland China? Not yet, but maybe soon

I’m keen to go to mainland China to immerse myself in the language and get more fluent. The problem is: how reliable is dialysis over there? Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Like me, you’ve probably heard stories about poor quality water, not using new consumables (eg reusing [your own] lines and dialysis cell in subsequent runs, injecting with used needles), and more. (more…)