The Big Red Kidney Bus – Holiday Dialysis on the Move

As any reader of the blog knows, I’m a big believer in holiday dialysis.  So it is with much delight that I can report that there’s a new Holiday BigD player on the block (near you).  The world’s first Big Red Kidney Bus is taking a complete dialysis service (three chairs) to BigD-ers in holiday spots around Victoria, where no dialysis has been before.

The Bus was launched Officially outside Victoria’s Parliament House a week ago (13 March), and it leaves on its maiden voyage this Saturday at Traralgon at 10:00 am from Traralgon Farmer’s Market (outside St Michael’s Primary School Hall) in Church St (incidentally, just across the road from where my Grandparents used to live and I used to holiday!). (more…)

Dialysis and Fluid Restrictions – Tips and Tricks

This week, a guest post from Ros Ball, Past President and currently Secretary of DATA, the Dialysis and Transplant Association of Victoria (Australia).  You may remember Ros when I wrote about her in June a couple of years ago.  She and her husband Charlie have outfitted their caravan with a dialysis machine and travel where most BigD-ers fear to tread:  the wide open spaces of the outback.  Ros’s get up and go, regardless of the demands of BigD is an inspiration, and puts the rest of us sometime travellers in the shade. (more…)

Taking your Dialysis (machine) with you on the road

on the roadAbout two months ago I saw an article in our local Dialysis and Transplant Magazine, Shoestring, about Ros and Charlie, who had installed a dialysis machine in their caravan, so they could travel the country.  Wow, I thought, what a great idea!  But what about all those things we take for granted in our unit or at home: support, water quality, cleaning, dealing with the consumables, etc?

Luckily, Ros dialyses now and then at our unit, so I jumped at the chance to ask her to write a guest post all about setting up and touring in her dialysis caravan. She gracefully agreed, and here it is. (more…)