Dialysis needling: if at first…




Josie (not her real name) emailed me recently about a problem she had getting one of her needles in:


Hi Greg

I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. My name is Josie, I live in the UK and started home haemo a few months ago. I have had a problem with my fistula tonight and because it is Friday night here I can’t get hold of any of the nurses from my training unit, and having followed your blog I thought I could seek your advice… as I say, I hope you don’t mind me doing so. (more…)

Dialysis in Bali, first-world quality with all the Bali Benefits

I’ve never been attracted to Bali.  Many, many Australians go there for the sun, surf and often the sheer luxury of the resort life, usually for a bargain price.  Just a few hours away, it is an exotic tropical paradise unlike anything at home.  But for us BigD-ers, it’s a no-go zone:  dialysis units existed but weren’t safe (regularly re-using the lines, taking no account of the different dialyser cell requirements for different people, iffy hygiene, etc).  So like many other third world countries, it was off the agenda.

Until now.  (more…)