The first time

scared-womanWe all remember our first dialysis session. I certainly do. At the Central Dialysis Unit, just down the stairs from Ward 4, the kidney ward. It was a super emotional time. Julie walked with me into the unit, my heart thumping, my mind racing, looking everywhere, taking in everything. I kept my face blank, hiding both fear of the unknown and anger that it was really about to happen. Everything was new and unfamiliar. Nurses moving briskly about. Patients on dialysis machines in all directions. And there, across the room, an empty chair next to a humming and flashing machine, just waiting for me.

Luckily, the Unit Manager was an experienced and sensitive soul. She knew it was my first session and made sure I knew she knew. “I know you’re not too happy about being here, but we’ll do our best to make today a gentle start to your time on dialysis. *Heather will be putting you on today. She is one of our best cannulators, (more…)

Dialysis Unit Accreditation: What I Learned

I had a fascinating time last week; I was the patient representative when my unit went through their Safety and Quality Accreditation audit.  Accreditation is a big deal for all health services in Australia – as it is for most countries.

Quality Accreditation has been around for many years, but has been completely revamped by the Feds, and just about every health service has had to be re-accredited this year. (more…)