Speaking of dialysis…

1-IMG_1532As I hoped, here is the video of my speech to the Diaverum Annual Conference at Cascais, Portugal, last month.  It was called: The View from the Chair, a Patient’s Perspective.

It covers a bit of ground, but the highlights (apart from the joke at the start!) are: (more…)

Choose your holiday dialysis chair by App

I recently had the privilege of attending a workshop hosted by the Victorian Renal Health Clinical Network at the state Department of Health, and to contribute to the future State-wide Clinical Pathway for Victorians with Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease.  A bit of a mouthful, but it was a collection of 60 people from all areas of renal services, including head nephrologists from the major state hospitals, private nephrologists, private dialysis service providers, renal nurse practitioners, key clinicians including nurses and allied health, peak bodies and ‘consumers’ like me, looking at our “could be/should be” future. (more…)

Holiday Dialysis in Fiji and a Magical Medical App

Our BigD unit is expanding at a great rate.  There are many new faces that will take a few weeks to become part of the furniture.  One guy, Phil (not his real name), started about a month ago.  As usual, he looked crook: pale and washed out, weak and miserable, and definitely not happy to be there. We have all been through it.  I was quite angry when I started, and for a while no amount of advice or chat cut any ice with me.  So I tend to leave new people alone for a few weeks, to let them get used to their new friends, the needle brothers and the new way they are investing 15 hours a week in their health. (more…)

iPhone Apps for kidney failure, dialysis and transplants

A few weeks ago dialysis nurse friend of mine asked me to check out the iPhone apps for people on dialysis and with kidney failure.  Since last weekend was a long weekend I finally had time to do it.  I limited my review to iPhone and iPad apps available for people:

  • Who have kidney failure or
  • Are on dialysis or
  • Who are contemplating or have received a transplant.