Dialysis and Fluid Restrictions – Tips and Tricks

This week, a guest post from Ros Ball, Past President and currently Secretary of DATA, the Dialysis and Transplant Association of Victoria (Australia).  You may remember Ros when I wrote about her in June a couple of years ago.  She and her husband Charlie have outfitted their caravan with a dialysis machine and travel where most BigD-ers fear to tread:  the wide open spaces of the outback.  Ros’s get up and go, regardless of the demands of BigD is an inspiration, and puts the rest of us sometime travellers in the shade. (more…)

Dialysis, binders, salt and memory

CaltrateBefore I forget, I saw this article today:  Report: Ohio nurse didn’t realize she discarded kidney   A nurse who accidentally disposed of a living donor’s kidney during a transplant said she didn’t realize it was in chilled, protective slush that she removed from an operating room, took down a hall to…

I know hospitals aren’t perfect, but there are mistakes and Mistakes.  It’s all about process, which was what went wrong here.  I feel for the nurse. (which was what went wrong – wow, a nice, unexpected alliteration!) Anyway, into the blog. (more…)