Dialysis and the Pill Cam

As discussed a month ago, the top-down and the bottom up searches for a gaping, bleeding, pus-filled wound as the reason for my fall in haemoglobin came up with a fat zero.  So, being nothing if not thorough, my Gastroenterologist ordered one more test to explore where no probe had gone before: the undiscovered country of my small intestine and the upper and lower reaches of my large intestine.

The Pill Cam pack

The Pill Cam pack

Naturally, he ordered the latest no-strings-attached technology – the Pill Cam, or Pill Camera to the uninitiated (are there any uninitiated anymore?).  It’s a simple and painless device that consists of a camera, a flashing light (it’s darker than black inside our guts) and a wireless transmitter, all packed into (more…)

Dialysis and Safe Preparation for a Colonoscopy

Over the past month my hemoglobin (Hb) level dropped unexpectedly from a powerful and red-blooded 13 g/L to a feeble and anaemic 8.5 g/L over a three week period.  The big question was: why?

The first thing that occurs to most medicos is that the drop has been caused by blood loss, if not from some obvious wound, then maybe for somewhere more subtle, like the bowel or intestines.  Blood loss via the bowel may not be in liquid form, but rather (not to put too fine a point on it) in the form of black poo.  “No black poo here” I said.  Still, (more…)