Unwell-come break

Julie and I went on a mini-holiday about two weeks ago to sit in the sunshine.  Bad move.  Unfortunately, it was Nasty Bug Central, and we both caught some kind of flu.  My immune system is wimpy at the best of times, so I have been laid low, for the last two weeks, first at home, then in hospital.  I came home yesterday, still not quite right.

Throughout, Julie has also been unwell, so rather than at least being made a fuss of, she has had to look after me, visit the hospital, etc.

More news when we stop coughing and start smiling.

How much is a new kidney worth on the Red Market?

Not feeling all that energetic this week (same as the last couple).  For some reason my haemoglobin is still hanging loose at a miserable 8.2.  That is transfusion level, but because I’m on the transplant list, transfusions are off the agenda.  Someone else’s blood may introduce more antibodies than I can handle, and move me from a 2% likelihood of a transplant to a big fat zero.

So I am biding my time, taking my weekly EPO dose and hoping for a surprise energy burst anytime now…   In the meantime, my gym is sending me “Where are you?” messages and I’m breaking ito a sweat jogging from the kitchen to the bathroom.  Though with the daily HB blood tests removing a little of what blood I have, I may be running in a circle. (more…)