Dialysis​? Choose your topic!

The one downside of a blog is that each time you write a new post, the previous one is shuffled down the page. So as time goes by, all the older posts get lost downstream in one long river of posts. If you want to read about a certain topic, you have to either scan the posts one at a time or use the search function. Either way, it’s not easy to get an overview of everything that’s available.

So, after six years and 213 posts on a large range of dialysis topics, it’s time to raise the bar and make it easier to find subjects and posts that cover various themes. For the last few weeks, I’ve been re-reading and classifying them into a map or framework of topics (or in blog-speak: Categories).

Here is the resulting Map of Topics:


It is quite a list, but hopefully, it is also a useful way to find a topic you are looking for.

Getting there

Is simplicity itself!  The Categories list is on the right-hand side of this screen, second item from the top.  Just click on the down arrow where is says Select Category and the list will be displayed.  The number after the name is the number of posts about the topic.

Also, I am gradually changing the way the posts display, by inserting a break after the first few lines, with a (…more…) link.  This is designed to make it easier to see all posts and get the gist of the topic.

Regarding the Travel topics, there are at least 12 countries listed so far,  but most travel posts actually deal with specific cities rather than countries, so you will need to scan the posts to find the one you need. (There are several better options for managing posts and reviews about travelling on dialysis. I will cover them and my proposed solution soon.)

I hope this is useful!

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