Off to the Diaverum Global Dialysis Conference

I’ve been missing in action for the last few weeks, for a couple of reasons.

Josie & Liam Firstly, our No.2 Son just married his lovely fiancé here in sunny Melbourne (on the beach at Elwood).  It was a great wedding, but they live in London, so Julie and I have been pretty busy preparing. Not much time for blogging.

Secondly, late in December last year, I was humbled by Esteban Harper Cox, the Managing Director of Diaverum Australia’s generous invitation to address their 2016 Global Conference, in Lisbon, Portugal on 21 April (about three weeks from now!).

I have been a Diaverum patient for more than 20 years, but that is not the reason.  Over the last couple of years, I have been working with a team of specialist clinicians, IT experts, designers and managers at Diaverum Melbourne, Lund (Sweden) and Munich (Germany) to develop an App for people on dialysis.

I can’t say a lot about the App yet, other than it is in final production now and will be released to the App store within a month or so.  (I hope to tell you much more once it is released.)

Esteban has asked me to share my experiences and insights as a dialysis patient, about my role in designing the App and more generally, about this blog, how it began and what I see as its value in “easing the journey of many a dialysis patient”.

JLC PD suppliesI’ll be in august company.  The last dialysis patient speaker was Jean-Louis Clemendot, who in 2014 address the Diaverum Global Conference about his solo around the world sailing adventure. From his (Google Translated) blog: “I sailed around the world solo while on peritoneal dialysis. I crossed the Atlantic, Pacific and part of the Indian Ocean in 20 months, completing nearly 2000 PD treatments, alone aboard my boat. Then I received a kidney transplant before ending my tour of the world through the difficult period of storms…”   He’s a fascinating guy and his blog is absolutely worth reading (for English, use Google translate).

He’s an awfully hard act to follow if you ask me.

It’s shoved me right outside my comfort zone.  So for the last few weeks I’ve been working, working, working on my speech.  No time for blogging.

But it’s done now and I’m sort of ready to roll.

After the 21st I’ll be a little more active: blogging about the conference, the App and another project that are close to us the hearts of BigD-ers everywhere.

Back soon!

4 thoughts on “Off to the Diaverum Global Dialysis Conference

  1. Greg, I think you had no problems at all following his act! Thanks for your great speech – it is inspirational and important for me who does not have direct patient contact to hear your stories. It is good to be reminded why I am here. Thank you!

    Nina Wallander HR Area Central East


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