On dialysis and still living the dream!

A couple of months ago, Rob, one of the guys in our local BigD club at Greensborough took part in the annual Stockman’s Rally held in the upper Big River State Forrest near Marysville, Vic.

Here’s his story:

I was one of 500 entrants that took part in the rally.

It was an early start to the day leaving home at 05:30am (a shock to the system) with a mandatory stop at Healesville Bakery for a (small) coffee and then onto the rally for the briefing.

At the briefing everybody was informed that the event “Is not a race and everybody should enjoy themselves!”

At the start gate everyone had obviously forgotten the “This is not a race” instruction as there were around 500 bikes all in one area revving their engines eager to get going.

Into the 85km course and there was dust, dirt, trees and bikes as far as you could see (absolute heaven if you are into that kind of thing).

Rob rearing to go (though it's not a contest!)

Rob rearing to go (though it’s not a contest!)

Then I had my first accident: an overzealous rider tried to pass me on a track just wide enough for one, the other rider hit my handle bars and speared me off the track into a tree (luckily no injury). About an hour later on a rough and rocky incline I was doing pretty well and nearly made it to the top, I came around the corner and pretty much ran straight into another rider and his bike and I ended up falling off backwards and rolling back down the hill (still thankfully no injury).

After trying to get my bike back up and get the rest of the way up the hill energy levels were pretty low so I had a well-deserved rest, enjoyed the scenery at the top of the hill then off I went again to find somewhere else to fall off.

The rest of the ride although trying was CRASH LESS.

I made it back to camp and was more than happy to get off my bike and stand around for a while , have some lunch and drink, pack up and head home.

The next day I knew I was alive after counting all my bruises!

The organisers of the rally donated $5,000 to the Ronald MacDonald House and a good time was had by all.

Including us readers!

Reading that story in isolation, who could tell that Rob dialyses three times a week? No one!

Well done Rob, for proving once again that dialysis is the key to healthy living, not the end of it.

2 thoughts on “On dialysis and still living the dream!

  1. Hi Greg. I came across your blog today having yet another sleepless night!!! I have lots of those 😳. I start dialysis this Thursday and whilst I’ve watched my mum and 2 sisters go through this same dialysis journey I’m still nervous about my own journey. Your videos and blog have given me renewed encouragement. Thank you. My eGFR is 10 and I’ve only recently started to feel a little ‘off’ with nausea and slight headaches. I work full time and otherwise cope well.

    My specialist is encouraging me to start hemo now whilst I’m still reasonably well. He said my bloods aren’t too bad yet but declining. I had a fistula op about 12 mths ago so plumbing is good to go. There’s still a part of me that feels maybe “wait a little bit longer” before the Big D. Thursday is looming fast. Sigh.


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