Unwell-come break

Julie and I went on a mini-holiday about two weeks ago to sit in the sunshine.  Bad move.  Unfortunately, it was Nasty Bug Central, and we both caught some kind of flu.  My immune system is wimpy at the best of times, so I have been laid low, for the last two weeks, first at home, then in hospital.  I came home yesterday, still not quite right.

Throughout, Julie has also been unwell, so rather than at least being made a fuss of, she has had to look after me, visit the hospital, etc.

More news when we stop coughing and start smiling.

6 thoughts on “Unwell-come break

    • Greg, hope you both heal fast! My best friend had his fistula surgery today, and we have both gotten such good information from you! You really are a treasure. So I’m hoping some of that good karma you’ve been putting out comes back to you and Julie and you’re up and around soon.


  1. Oh boy! When it rains it pours, doesn’t it?! Hope you get over the punies, the sooner the better -for all of us because your site is a welcomed one (and very helpful).


  2. Selling organs. Is that an indication of how desparate people are to get an organ transplant, or how desperate people with little income are to help improve their circumstances. As for forced donations from prisoners etc it’s deplorable.
    Hope your better Greg.


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