How much is a new kidney worth on the Red Market?

Not feeling all that energetic this week (same as the last couple).  For some reason my haemoglobin is still hanging loose at a miserable 8.2.  That is transfusion level, but because I’m on the transplant list, transfusions are off the agenda.  Someone else’s blood may introduce more antibodies than I can handle, and move me from a 2% likelihood of a transplant to a big fat zero.

So I am biding my time, taking my weekly EPO dose and hoping for a surprise energy burst anytime now…   In the meantime, my gym is sending me “Where are you?” messages and I’m breaking ito a sweat jogging from the kitchen to the bathroom.  Though with the daily HB blood tests removing a little of what blood I have, I may be running in a circle.

Since my creative juices tide is on the ebb, I thought it may be interesting to relay some stuff that you may find interesting that other bloggers have sent me: How Much Is Your Body Worth on the Black Market? (Which is now being called the Red Market for obvious reasons.)  I don’t re-post stuff from people pushing their own agenda (especially not kidney-for-sale posts or subtle/not-so-subtle internet hucksters).  But for some reason this blog gets up to three posts/emails a month from individuals or organisations in easy-going countries offering either to sell kidneys, or to arrange the whole transaction, from finding the donor to the complete transplant.

So this re-post seems appropriate.

Black Market

Go there for more “pricing” details.  Greg

4 thoughts on “How much is a new kidney worth on the Red market?

  1. Omigosh, I am so sorry to hear about your energy levels and the endless cycle of things….I hope and pray for all the best!
    Meanwhile, I just LOVED reading this…..holy cow I had no idea some of that stuff….lol.


  2. Am glad to see you posting again! Hope you continue improving. Guess when you start sprinting to the kitchen, that will be a good sign! Keep strong and keep on keeping on. Have they checked your aluminum level as of late?? A high aluminum level has been affecting some people on dialysis (and their Hemoglobin).


  3. Interesting graphic, thanks for posting it.
    We get lots of offers to buy a kidney for our daughter, most from overseas, but some in the US. I told one guy it was illegal to buy or sell kidneys and he responded, “Don’t tell anybody.” 🙂
    I know you’re probably getting your iron checked routinely, but in case you have not had an iron panel lately, perhaps it is low. No amount of Epo will help without adequate iron, as I am sure you know.
    Best wishes that you get your miracle soon.
    Karol, Jenna’s mom


  4. How frustrating it must be when your haemoglobin stays so low and of course no ‘body part’ trading of blood because of that list…blood seems so acceptable to exchange and even though the Hd ghost was a bit creepy it was also sort of feasible…that post and this one connect because they ask us to think about new ways and push those boundaries of acceptance of what we will ‘trade’ or agree to or at least open up debate about …super greens or massive doses for wilting haemoglobin? I bet you have tried it all. Get better please luv Marg xxx


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