Next Dialysis Briefing Sheet

The next dialysis briefing sheet, Briefing 3 will be titled: Dialysis: from shock to acceptance.  The sheet will cover two aspects:

  • Physical: how you may feel before the session; during the session; after the session; when you get home, effect on sleep
  • Mental: dealing with the new reality; the grief cycle.

Before starting, I would be very grateful to receive any ideas you may have on this topic: what you experienced; things you think could help others; what you would have liked to been told; things you did to get by, etc.

Please email them to me at greg.collette (at), or post them as comments on this post.

As usual, the result will be a two-page Briefing which I plan to post next Friday.

I look forward to hearing from you!



3 thoughts on “Next Dialysis Briefing Sheet

  1. Great idea and Approach! Here’s a link to my posting about “Dialysis and Acceptance”. Like you, I saw the same cycle of Grief leading to acceptance of dialysis as you have. Feel free to use my post as needed. Is there a death and re-birth in dialysis? I believe there’s some level.

    In my counselling of dialysis patients, I’ve seen a similar cycle and very often it leads to, not just acceptance, but the discovery that Dialysis is Life-giving and once you accept it, you begin to rediscover those things in life that you enjoyed before dialysis and things you never thought you’d be able to do. For example, dialysis taught me the importance of cooking for myself so I could control the ingredients that go into my meals.

    Anyway, great topic idea! I look forward to reading what you come up with.

    DevonTexas (


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