3 thoughts on “I’m Back (from China!)

  1. Awesome!!

    The China story gives me hope of travelling again!(have not done so since staring heamo).
    My husband and I have a trip planned to Singapore and I need some recommendations for a good center! Also does anyone know if you have to use your own brand of machine or can you just use any? I am currently using a Fresenius. I would ask the travel coordinator at my center but she only seems to know how to book anything in Aus or NZ!



  2. Hey,i new to dialysis.i got on here Nov.2015…of one kidney failure ,I have a infection call Wagners…my problem is now that my joints are sore wen I sit, and wen I drive..my first step is awful it’s to the point now I’m taking muscle relaxers. .the doctor here don’t know..can anyone help me. ..Help n Ms


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