Happy Christmas Dialysis

No dialysis in unit on Christmas Day.  So I started nice and early this morning (0530 Christmas Eve), so that everyone who normally dialyses on tomorrow can dialyse today or Boxing Day (St Stephen’s Day).

Home now, wrapping presents, preparing food and enjoying the anticipation of a happy day tomorrow.

Have a very Happy Christmas and I look forward to catching up in the New Year.

Cheers!  Greg

5 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Dialysis

  1. Hi Greg, on dialysis at home at the moment getting myself dry so I can have a couple of drinks tomorrow. Really enjoy reading your blog. Best wishes to you and your family for the Christmas season.


  2. My husband had to rearrange his schedule, too, for Christmas. Normally he dialyzes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Christmas was a Tuesday. But the people who would have done it on Tuesday got shuffled to Monday and so his Monday session got shuffled to Sunday. Sigh. Oh well.

    Christmas was lovely. Hope yours was special!


  3. Hi Greg, Just came across your blog. Its really good. I started my own one 8 weeks ago. I dialysis at home (CAPD). I will be checking in on yours every so often. My dad is on haemodialysis as well and had to switch around his days as well. He’s well used to it. Been sick with 29 years and waiting on his 3rd transplant. I’m waiting on my first. My diary is http://www.kidneyfailuremystory.com (search in google). Keep well Noreen


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