Pass the word: Check in your organs before you check out

Up until about two years ago, I shied away from the Kidney Association’s “Don’t take your organs to heaven” stickers.  I felt that having kidney trouble was bad enough without advertising it.

Don't take your kidneys to heaven...Then the thought struck me:  it’s nothing to do with me; it’s about getting people thinking, about getting people over the line; about moving from “Organ donation is a good thing, maybe I’ll register one day” to signing up as an organ donor and making the commitment to check in your organs before you check out.

It’s a big step to become an organ donor, not usually made after glimpsing a single sticker.  More often it’s a decision made after mulling it around for months or even years.  Then one day, someone in the right frame of mind may see my car, read the sticker and there and then decide it’s time to become a donor.

All because the message was there when it was needed.

And from a personal level, if I of all people am not prepared to actively promote organ donation, how can I in good conscience expect to line up for the next gift from a deceased donor?

So, if you’re on the BigD and hoping for a transplant, get with the program:  pass the word!

Contact your local kidney association for a sticker and stick it.

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