Riding an Exercise Bike on Dialysis – Part 2

A while ago I wrote about riding an exercise bike attached to the BigD chair, and mentioned that there may be a more portable, more affordable option. Well there is, and it is.

After about six weeks struck low with some virus and a fractured wrist, I am now getting back into exercise. I have really missed it, for all the reasons I have written about before: handling the BigD less well, feeling tired and weak, fidgety, and most of all not sleeping well.

So as daddy’s little helper, I have purchased a mini exercise bike to use while I’m on the BigD.

The Magneciser exercise bike

It’s a Magneciser exercise bike (USA import) from Sportstek, 6 Park Road Oakleigh. Actually, Max and I paid for half each, so we can share it, but I picked it up! We paid just over $100 each, wholesale, which is OK.

It’s a funny little unit. Quite light (just over 7kg) and easy to move around, and simple to use once you get the hang of it. One design flaw is that because it sits in front of you, it tends to slide away from you if you are not positioned just right. However, this was easily remedied by buying a non-slip mat from a rubber ware shop (like Clarke Rubber, not the adult kind).

Exercising the exerciser

Exercising the exerciser

I ride it for the first half hour I’m on the machine. This has the proven benefit of improved phosphate removal due to increased muscle blood flow. Half an hour is enough. I have other things I usually want to do, and if I use it longer, I run out of time. While I pedal, I eat ice (for pleasure) and listen to podcasts on my MP3 player for entertainment.

One thing I have noticed: for me, it’s not such a good thing to work too much above my fitness level. Firstly, I get hot and sweaty, which is not great for my neighbours (or my street clothes, though maybe I should change into gym gear?). Secondly, for some reason, I find it hard to relax after I get off the machine. Maybe I’m just too wound up. It may be just me, everyone is different, but for now I will settle for a gentle, lightly sweaty half hour.

Other than that, I am getting fitter, my phosphate is going down and I’m feeling well. All-in-all a half hour well spent.

Verdict: these little peddlers are available everywhere, they’re reasonably priced and they offer real benefit. Give one a try!

7 thoughts on “Riding an Exercise Bike on Dialysis – Part 2

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    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for the question. The bike I use is called the Chattanooga Deluxe Pedal Exerciser. My US Google search today came up with this link. They seem to have them is stock. Amazon lists it, but is out of stock. It is a useful exerciser, but lightly built and can need minor repair (putting the belt back on the wheel), at times.


  2. We are a patient association and like to offer 2 dialysis bikes at the Ghent university dialysis division.(Belgium) Could you send me the adress where we can provide the bikes?


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